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Wall Thickness

A key part of your new timber solution is the thickness of the walls, prices vary on options. If you’d like a specific thickness not listed below, do get in touch as we can provide custom options too.


Our 35mm - 45mm (single wall sizes) are ideal for garden rooms, gazebos and cabins built for summer usage. The 70mm is best for colder conditions or if you intend to use your property all year round.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 35mm
  • 45mm
  • 70mm


Twin skin is a great option if you’d like to use your timber solution all year round. It’s simply two layers of timber which interlock, allowing the cavity in between to be filled with insulation.

It’s also a great solution to insulate sound, making it perfect for bathrooms, child play rooms or music rooms, wherever you need that extra privacy.

  • Option one: 45mm + 45mm
  • Option two: 45mm + 45mm (insulated)

See picture below:

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Double Roof Kit

Our double roof kit option is simply a layering system for your roof to insulate your property. The layering comprises of a 19mm internal tongue & groove ceiling panel, followed by a 110mm void enough for 100mm insulation, covered with 25mm T&G roof boards. Options for insulation filling vary, get in touch to learn more.

All of our products come with high quality underlay as standard.

See picture below:

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Floor Insulation

One of the best things about our products is that we use thick flooring, included in all of our prices is our 28mm flooring, which is designed to support more weight- great for storage solutions and for heavy furniture.. Other providers typically provide a much thinner option of 19mm flooring. We also insulate the floors with 40mm of celotex.

We also provide two heating options for flooring:

-Underfloor heating

-Water underfloor heating

See our services page for more information.

See picture below:

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Installation pricing varies on the property chosen, based on time required to fit.Our installation services includes:

  • Unpacking delivery
  • Erecting building onto a concrete base or timber frame
  • Fitting roof protection

Typically it can take between 1 to 7 days depending on the size of the cabin to fully install.



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4.5 x 3.5m

The Dex-Uni


Fully customisable with:

Base work

The foundation of your space, available options include: concrete bases or timber frames.


Wall insulation, air conditioning & central/floor heating options available.


We install water pipes for showers, wet rooms & toilets.


We can add lighting, electrical sockets & phone lines.


Size, shape and tiling are all customisable.


Interior & exterior painting.

This design is designed with lots of natural light in mind, with a double glazed door and double pane windows as standard. It also comes with a beautiful veranda a great place to sit and relax.

Base costs are not included and are available upon request.


Available wall thickness: 35mm/ 45mm / 70mm / 35+35mm / 45+45mm

  • Living area: ~13.83 m²
  • Veranda: ~ 4.07 m²
  • Rooms: 2
  • Front wall width (mm): 4500
  • Side wall width (mm): 3500
  • Wall/Eaves Height (mm): 2210
  • Ridge Height (mm): 2410
  • Doors: 1 - 1.93 x 1.41m (double); 1 - 1.93 x 0.83m (single)
  • Windows: 1 - 1,13 x 1.31m (double);

The complete kit of this log cabin contains:

  • 28mm T&G Floor boards
  • 19mm T&G Roof boards
  • All pre-cut and notched wall logs, apexes and roof beam
  • Joiner made doors and windows
  • All toughened double glazing
  • Impregnated floor bearers and foundation beams
  • All fixtures, door locks and handles (assembled)
  • Fascias, skirtings, other decoration components
  • Assembly drawings
  • Flat packed on pallet, PE film wrapping

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